Hiring Incentives

Is it Worth it to Take Advantage of Hiring Tax Credits?

The Federal Government has programs in place to encourage employers to hire employees who come with a built in tax credit.

What is it worth to the employer?

Tax Credits range from $1,200 to $9,600 for every eligible employee.

If your employee’s salary is $30,000 per year, your total tax deduction
for that salary would be ~ $6,300 (at 21% corporate rate).

If you had a $9,600 tax credit on top of the deduction it brings the first year net salary to $14,100 (a savings of 47%).

Another way to look at this benefit is that the $9,600 Tax Credit by itself would equal the deduction for an employee salary of $45,714

With all of those dollars sitting out there, why aren’t more employers taking advantage of this benefit?

Most employers fail to take advantage of these programs because of the complexity of getting everything right.

Here’s Why:

  • All forms must be submitted and approved with a 28 day limit from the first day of employment

  • Paper forms must be filled out properly and all questions answered

  • Forms must be mailed to the state agency

  • If anything is out of place or incorrect the forms will be returned for correction

  • Candidate may not answer all questions honestly as the employer has access to the answers

  • The employer has no way of knowing if the prospective employee is eligible for a tax credit until they are notified by the agency

What makes our program different?

  • We set up a website for the employer to enter candidates into the system

  • We send the candidate a text or email directing them to our site to complete the survey

  • Since the employer never sees the answers the candidate is more likely to give truthful answers

  • We then go out and confirm if there is a credit available

  • We post the credit with the candidate on the employers site

  • The employer notifies us that the employee is hired and we complete all paperwork and submit to the state agency

  • The employer posts the employee’s hours on the website

  • Once the employee has earned 400 hours the credit is booked to the employers account on a quarterly basis.

You can get started today

Go to the website and activate your account

No contracts – You can cancel at any time

Watch a short video about how
this credit works: